Datawise: Business Intelligence and Analytics with Human Insight

CIO Vendor Business Intelligence solutions have been around for a couple of decades now. Today, they strive to provide insights into high volumes of data, generated by complex organizations. Implementation of a successful BI solution demands a roadmap which is aligned to corporate strategies and objectives. In order to provide key insights into operational performance for improvement, organizations must first achieve operational reporting efficiency.

Datawise, a menu-based BI firm headquartered in Hyderabad is doing significant work to improve these insights. Datawise serves its clients with the principle of ‘human intelligence’ on top of business intelligence. The company follows a holistic approach, by understanding the overall business requirements. It then translates business requirements into technical parameters with dexterity. Datawise initiates solutions after development of a road map for generating an Analytics ready organization, and assures high quality deliverables through multiple check points.

Established with a goal to overcome the limitations of standardized market offerings, Datawise currently offers services based on self-developed proprietary methodologies. The know-how of the expert team of Datawise, backed by their 12 years of expertise collectively contributes to the effectiveness of the company. They have extensive experience in serving verticals such as Transportation, Healthcare and Pharma, Governance, Telecom, and Hi-tech industries.

Datawise brings its two core methodologies for Analytics and BI – CORP™ and MUAI™, which provide a systematic approach for project execution. While CORP™ is aligned towards the Business Analytics market and is utilitarian for data-heavy projects, MUAI™ is
useful for measurement and improvement, and facilitates an outcome measure based execution. MEOW™, another distinct solution of Datawise, enhances the company’s ability to cater to emerging social media needs. Enhancing its rich pool of services is Datawise’s solution for data collection, DATTABTM. “DATTABTM aids real time data collection, that can be uploaded to a central server immediately and mapped to existing data fields, thereby significantly reducing data collection errors as well as time.” says Vinay Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Datawise.

Datawise serves its clients with the principle of human intelligence on top of business intelligence

DATTABTM uses geo tagging as well, which ensures capture of metadata for further analytics. The ability of DATTABTM to rapidly collect and collate data makes it responsive to market needs. With its deployment for more than 15 client engagements across the country, DATTAB™ has further enhanced its capabilities based on response from market. Today, DATTAB™ is perhaps the only cost-effective solution that can provide drag-and-drop customizable reports based on real-time field data.

Datawise puts trust and integrity on the highest priority. Based on these principles, the company has established itself as one of the leading analytics and market research firm in the country. Datawise envisions to be seen as the “First Choice of the Analytics and BI Industry” and pledges to accomplish its branding “Insights, Intelligence, Infinity.” Datawise extends its services to clients in over 18 countries, and envisions itself as the first and most trusted name in the industry for human intelligence backed by business analytics and intelligence.