PixCons Technologies: Proactively Implementing Business Intelligence Solutions Leveraging Big Data &

CIO Vendor CIO’s face many hurdles while implementing successful Business Intelligence Solutions, such as addressing a growing need for agility, balancing data accessibility with security and adapting to the latest technology. In addition, organizations also must yoke data’s from incongruent sources to provide Business Intelligence Solutions that are flawless and resourceful. The CIOs must resort to using the perfect combination of tools such as Big Data Hadoop or other sets of Data Integration tools to come out with Enterprise pleasing solutions. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, PixCons Technologies Private Ltd., has been providing Business Intelligence Solutions to Industries ranging from Healthcare, Media Communications & Telecom to name a few since its inception in 2013.

Leveraging on the potential of the Big Data, PixCons have extended an Integrated Decision Support Ecosystem of services and solutions across industry best practices thereby transpiring the methods of decision making to a next level. Therewithal, the company also carries an arsenal of other data integrations tools such as Oracle/ Mysql, Teradata, Informatica and SAP Data Services to cater to the business needs of enterprises ranging from small, medium and large.

Even though many companies adapt to Business Intelligence, the small business enterprises sometimes show reluctance citing expenses, complexities, and an unwillingness to change to a new solutions. Understanding these barriers, the company is architecting customized, economic need based Business Intelligence solutions that are tailored to suit the contemporary needs of the SMEs.
“We educate our customers and make them understand that BI is not a quick return giving tool but does provide assured huge long term returns. Our small BI packages with open source BI tools are viral amongst these customers who concurrently use these and then move on much more stable and reliable tools like SAP” says Srinivas Rapelli, CEO & Managing Director at PixCons.

PixCons is carefully studying the forecast made by Gartner, which reads a possible shift in the front of Business Intelligence

Going on board, the company has extended its support to trouble shoot the travails of health care industry, i.e. riddled with problems such as shortage of infrastructure and skilled professionals. The company has explicitly knobbed the standards of customer experience responsiveness by Improving efficiency, reducing inventory, ensuring compliance, and increasing flexibility and maintenance. The company has also been succoring the Banking Sectors, by providing Enterprise Risk Management Solutions, Analytical management, Performance Management, and Compliance Solutions, to keep hazards at bay.

PixCons is carefully studying the forecast made by Gartner, which reads a possible shift in the front of Business Intelligence and a possible replacement of IT developed reporting solutions with Business Analysis user led Solutions. PixCons has already initiated activities in these lines. Further, the company is also planning to commence development activities focusing on the needs of Banking Industry in the next financial year.