ProGen Furnishing majestic BI solutions with its cutting-edge BI Suite ‘pi’

CIO Vendor Despite massive investments in IT over the years, businesses still rely on error-prone manual processes when it comes to data handling. It is not just mid-market firms that are incapable to get grip on the issue even enterprise-level organizations seem equally adrift. The ideal solution to this muddle is Business intelligence as it possesses the ability to aid a company identify its most profitable customers, trouble spots within its organization, or its return on investment for certain products. Although a company-wide business intelligence system is complex, costly and time-consuming to establish, when implemented and used efficiently, its benefits can be significant. Proffering an effective BI solution to clients looking for Organization-wide BI deployments is Hyderabad based ProGen Business Solutions that initiated solution deployment surpassing the conventional reporting software capability.

ProGen provides its customers with a state-of-the art BI Suite, affordable for end user that enacts a high quality visual & analytical experience

Established in 2009, ProGen develops products and solutions for data integration, data analysis, reporting, and Advanced Visualization requirements of the enterprise customers. Company’s hybrid strategy of feature-rich OLAP capabilities bundled with high-end visualization aids to establish a unique value proposition for its customers. Focusing on OLAP technology, ProGen provides its customers with a state-of-the art BI Suite, affordable for end user that enacts a high quality visual & analytical experience.

Affirming BI Success with Collaboration of Data Integration and Analysis
ProGen employs agile methodology for data integration projects across various systems and opts for a break down methodology for Datawarehouse Design, ETL & Data consolidation exercises, by segregating data into smaller drops and executing it progressively over the project lifecycle. This approach aids ProGen to comprehend the complexities in an incremental manner and avoid hurdles in project execution. “The issues of data quality and data insufficiency are overcome by notifying the customers in advance as it can be critical for the overall project success and can lead to delays and re-works around the data integration strategy.” says Rahul Sharma, Founder & CEO of ProGen Business Solutions.

ProGen believes that Data Analysis& Visualization, the aftermath of Data Integration, is a tangible output used by business users for their strategic & tactical decision-making. The company thus follows a Pareto Rule for the Data Analysis piece where it endeavors to ensure
that the Enterprise Datawarehouse has off-the-rack answers to 80 percent of business queries while 20 percent of the questions are assured to be justified using adhoc analysis capabilities of the BI system without any technical or IT assistance. ProGen claims Robustness, Scalability, Multi-tenancy, Transformation logics &Performance are at the core for designing and developing their Data warehouse Strategy.

Enhancing Data Analysis & Visualization with ‘pi’- The BI platform
‘pi’, the flagship BI suite of ProGen assists organizations unlock the immense potential hidden in their data and suggests actionable insights. The stand-alone BI platform of ProGen has a huge versatility and acceptance, with an established customer base across 25 plus verticals and serving clients across 5 countries. Besides, ProGen is one of the few enterprise platform companies in India that explores to forge a global presence for its BI Platform ‘pi’. Smart Data Exploration, Strong Analytical Capabilities, Powerful Visualization, and Ease-of-use are few of the exclusive value proposition offered by ‘pi’.

The company intends to extend its business strategy by developing Vertical specific BI solutions around ‘pi’ that can package Industry Best Practices for BI and cut-down on the deployment periods. “As a part of our solution driven strategy, the company packages smart visualizations and quick data exploration frameworks for creating higher user adoption and relevance.” quotes Rahul.

SONIC - Principle for Successful BI Dashboards Implementation
The company is cognizant of the fact that BI Dashboards are the direct source of information to the Senior Executives in any Enterprise and even a minor error may have a cascading effect. On the other hand, getting quality time of Senior Management Executives for understanding their requirements is also an uphill task.

With its rich experience of working across diverse verticals and different user profiles, the company has projected S.O.N.I.C., a framework to guide and assist its dashboard implementation where SONIC is a collective expression for - S (Sponsor: identify a project sponsor), O (Owner: Identify the key user(s)), N (Needs: Clarity on business needs), I (Informative: present all the required information intuitively) and C (Compelling: agile enough for the users to start using it).

ProGen envisions itself as a preferred BI & Analytics vendor in the upcoming years and proposes to position its distinguished product ‘pi’ as the smartest BI tool and key enabler for achieving smart decision making. Besides, ProGen pledges to re-invent itself by moving from a SQL driven BI/Analytics framework to NoSQL based BI Tool and suggests to offer solutions focused around BIG Data, NoSQL, and Cloud with Hadoop (HDFS) as the core underlying technology stack. With BI Delivery Model “B.A.M.”, company’s customers experience a complete paradigm shift in the way they currently engage with BI vendors. The company also projects a plan to extend its offerings beyond conventional reporting to the data mining and predictive analytics domain along with a strategic deployment of customized solutions for enormous Industry verticals.