Radiare Software Solutions : Data Driven Business Decisions

CIO Vendor Radiare is a new-age solution provider that has delivered 100+ projects in the Customer Intelligence, Data Management, Visualization, Big Data and Performance Management areas that help our customers to make informed business decisions. We focus on “Design Thinking” based approach and combine consulting, business and technology in deploying effective BI and Analytical solutions both in-premise and on cloud and rendering them on various mobility devices. Radiare is headquartered in India with subsidiaries in UK, USA and Switzerland.

Helping Organizations to Improve their Decision Making Processes
Radiare works ground-up, from building the data infrastructure, integrating the data sources to data modelling, visualisation and analytics. Further, by embedding analytics into business processes and applications, analytic inputs in key business processes are made available to assist in decision making.

A few proof points to highlight include:
•Identified $20 million worth of dead inventory for a large Saudi based Pharma retailer as part of our data mart development.
•Reduced the churn and improved the effectiveness of the promotions for a large telecom service provider in Africa thereby providing more value for the marketing and promotional spends
•Helped in predicting the propensity score of clicks on various advertisements for a leading advertisement corporation in digital market industry in a big data environment
•Embedded Analytics into our partner’s Consumer Packaged Goods Distributor Management application that enables the distributor to analyze the brands, routes and performance of SKUs at a retail joint in near real-time.
Best Practices of Radiare in Building a BI Solutions?
A few of the best practices include:
•BI projects are taken up as short-cycle implementations and need to build on previous projects and knowledge. In this context, it is essential that the overall goals of the organization are well articulated and an exhaustive overarching BI program for the organisation with road map put in place.
•BI applications are used by business users who are typically busy non-IT people. These business users need help in visualizing what the BI applications can do and how they can benefit from them. It is important to build proto-types of the application and demonstrated to the business users.
•Data Quality is another key criterion that needs to be assessed very early during the development cycle. Defining Metadata, data quality standards needs to be well documented as they not only continue to evolve but also needs to stand the test of time.

Radiare works ground-up, from building the data infrastructure, integrating the data sources to data modelling, visualisation and analytics

Helping Your Clients to Identify the Right Performance Metrics
Typically our high end consultants with finance and business background work closely with the CXO organisation in identifying the overall enterprise’s goals and objectives. A top-down approach is followed in further dissecting and breaking down the goals and objectives into performance measures that can be captured from the various data sources. These performance metrics are fed into visualization dashboards for the consumption of the senior management.