Sengen LLC- Revamping Business Decisions with Ingenious solution ‘Answergen’

CIO Vendor Initiating a business intelligence (BI) strategy can usually be intimidating for enterprises. Apart from BI being considered as a complicated, jargon-filled arena that adduces lots of IT expertise and resources, there is also a tension between delivering fast results economically and accomplish the well-suited thing for long-term growth and flexibility. Moreover, profitable and sustained growth is critical for enterprises as without it, companies risk either being made irrelevant by faster competitors or being swallowed by a larger company. Incrementing the chaos is growth of data at an exponential rate. So it is no surprise that implementing the right data management solution continues to show up on the priority list of companies. Well the elucidation to this ordeal is BI. Business intelligence aids companies identify their most profitable customers, trouble spots within the organization, or the return on investment for certain products. Although a companywide business intelligence system is complex, costly and time-consuming to establish, when implemented and used correctly, its benefits can be significant.

Sengen LLC focuses on alleviating business users to analyze data, driven by their needs and demands

Propagating the dynamic nature of its BI toolkit, with vitally informed management staff and acutely empowered decisions is Sengen LLC that focuses on alleviating business users to analyze data, driven by their needs and demands. Based in Florida, United States, Sengen inherits an expertise of 25 years in catering strategic IT solutions to clients of all sizes, across a sundry of industries like insurance, banking, healthcare and manufacturing.

“The company deploys a proprietary ETL tool developed by the Microsoft Center of Excellence team for addressing various aspects of data preparation along with the data conversion tools developed from other widely used databases.” says Kumaresh Tirukonda, Director & VP Sales at Sengen LLC.

The Proprietary Solution ‘Answergen’
Answergen, the Microsoft technology based business intelligence solution of Sengen, is self-service, flexible, easy to use cost effective BI solution with an in-built ETL tool and Data-warehouse. The solution is well known for handily addressing management level and operational level requirements across insurance, banking, financial services, logistics and distribution, hospitality, healthcare and other industry verticals. Answergen empowers business users to analyze & visualize data, create Dashboards, Analytic Drill downs, and Reports on their own with minimal IT technical expertise, without programming or technical support. The efficacy of Answergen to diminish the need for investing in an IT technical team to device new dash-board or insights fabricates the uniqueness of the solution.

Answergen is not only nonpareil in creating attractive dashboards, it is also culminating in getting insights, seen through drill-down analytics, data slicing, ad-hoc reports, Geo-map based reporting, Predictive what-if scenario based analysis and business scorecard. Each user can possess their own dash-boards to effortlessly grasp their division data with details for decision-making.

“The Microsoft Partner advantage has enabled Sengen to integrate Answergen with MS Dynamics NAV and MS CRM. Answergen uses its data conversion tools while extracting data from other DBs like Oracle and enables testing integrations with accounting packages like Tally (, QuickBooks and Sage.” claims Mr. Vincent Hogan, CEO Sengen. In order to address the localization needs, Sengen has developed Answergen with an inbuilt Tally connector. This was the key for deciphering the major challenge faced by organizations in integrating Tally accounting software data with operational ERP data. The connector seamlessly integrates Tally data along with multiple data sources into Answergen and addresses the
requirement of enterprise integration and holistic reporting.

Opting ‘Agile’ for Developing Applications
With a rich software development experience of 25 years and having been through the apprenticing curve, Sengen fathoms the development challenges to forge an efficient and effective development process. The company concludes that investing in the right resources that support the goals of the development is a smarter step than combating to incur with existing setup. Sengen’s Application Development & Integration solutions include an insurance policy issuance system, an online community portal, a point of sales system, a membership registration and administration system and a financial aid case management solution.

Deploying Microsoft Dynamics Aptly
Having been a Microsoft Partner since 2007, Sengen has adapted a Microsoft Centre of Excellence by enabling itself to leverage technology for establishing a foundation to initiate a reliable BI solution. Sengen’s focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint has facilitated the company in knocking out its competitors. Besides, conceiving a collaboration platform for the business users has aided Sengen in setting a foundation for a data analytics platform. Using Microsoft SQL Server has empowered Sengen to consummate critical solutions using high performance, in-memory technology across OLTP, data warehousing and analytics workloads. Leveraging the common set of tools furnished by SQL Server, Sengen has succeeded in deploying its solution both on-premise and on cloud.

Securing Investment Calibration in Current Infrastructure
Sengen exhibits a customized approach based on business needs like technology change, application integration, platform migration, cost reduction, need for agility and complexity reduction. Sengen’s legacy modernization approach is about reusing intellectual property and transforming it to web technologies by significantly reducing development time, cost and risk. Sengen pursues various methodologies like rewriting existing code, wrapping, packages and using automated tools for code to code conversion for extracting rules and data perfectly.

Inseminating a secure Data Exchange and Management
Sengen certifies a proven data exchange and management service through an award winning Electronic Business Transaction infrastructure, that transports, translates and transforms business critical information through a secure channel in any technology format (e.g., XML, X.12 EDI, CSV, etc.). Sengen proffers an outsourced solution to facilitate the flow of information across any platform, in any format between partners through a secure network.

Apart from a platform that intelligently aggregates, routes and formats information, Sengen grants its clients a tracking and reporting capabilities to answer any potential customer around the status of the business critical data. “The development and implementation of a complaint tracking system, a real-time sales contract & approval system and an invoicing & billing system are few examples of Sengen’s client’s successes.” affirms Kumaresh.

Automating Workflow with Sundry of Solutions
By automating the workflow, Sengen helps achieve substantial efficiencies and cost savings. Sengen’s workflow automation solutions include Marketing and Sales functions(such as point-of-sale processing, customer tracking and administration, forecasting, and customer service), Manufacturing functions(such as Engineering Change Orders, Return Authorizations, Quality Reports and Incoming Receipts), Administrative functions(such as purchase approvals, expense reports, timesheet accounting, and budgeting) and Human Resource functions(such as performance appraisals, new hires, benefits enrollment, and salary increases.)

Success Triumph
Sengen’s reputation and defining factor is its commitment to deliver projects on time and in budget, as the company executes majority of its projects on a fixed price basis. Besides, Sengen is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner with certifications in Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM, Smart Client Development, Web Development, Business Intelligence, Database Management and Network Infrastructure Solutions. The company is SEI CMMI quality certified and is currently in the process of becoming a Microsoft Certified ISV for its business intelligence product- ‘Answergen’.