Unifylabs: Real Time and Relevant Information on Hand with Mobility Computing

CIO Vendor A company’s business capabilities are evaluated via its ability to automate manual process and use the key metrics with good speed and flexibility, to launch new products in the market. The question remains on how quick-witted and virtuous are companies while choosing the services of business intelligence providers, to come out with a good market strategy, to stay on top. Headquartered in the Garden City of India, Bangalore, Unifylabs has been proffering highly scalable business intelligence& analytical cloud solutions to its customers through a treasury of services such as Identity Management, data mining for supervised &unsupervised analyses, data Clustering & visualization services, Services for real- time and streaming analysis, using Hadoop, SPARK, VoltDB, MongoDB, and SAS, to name a few. “We believe that real–time and relevant information on hand, with mobility computing, drives effectiveness, to rapidly response to market mix and capture trends or buying behavior. Providing right information is a key to maximization of business value of our customer’’, said Srikiran Pallam, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director. Having been in the industry for a period of three years, has helped the company to understand the needs of the end users, which is generally cost driven, and bring about solutions that fall within the permitted limits of the customers expenditure.

The current trend in any business enterprise whether small, medium or large, is highly progressive, dynamic, and very demanding which throws light at the competitive nature of the market. Companies offering Business analytics must be able to swim with such high tides of expectations without negotiating on any terms. In an effort to meet such expectations Unifylabs have developed, eKYC solutions for Telecom, BFSI Public & private enterprises, telecom solutions, enterprise solutions and infrastructure solutions that are completely driven through business intelligence and cloud.
The company’s (Unify – Identity) is a mobility cloud digitization and a generic service orchestration platform, that amalgamates key factors of ease of use such as Digitization, DMS and Work Flow management with customer eco system, enabling key business process delivery to telecom, Banking and even SCM domains. In addition, capex and opex model which relieves customers from the burden of technology acquisition, along with and Unifylabs data and process drive solutions add to the company’s arsenal of solutions.

Unifylabs has planned to consolidate its strength in eKYC identity and vault services to be largest private service provider, and enable BFSI in rural

Testament to Company’s Capabilities
To mark its capabilities, unify labs is one of the very few startups that were identified to directly integrate with certified regulatory datasets and provide eKYC as service with real time Fraud and risk management. that have leveraged the customers to enhance their business by 230 percent with operational cost optimization up to 40 percent and compliance at 95 percent in last two tenures. Further the company has also delivered pay per transaction to many telecom worldwide to handle their key business process namely Customer on boarding, compliance, revenue maximization, retention, customer classification solutions.

Choosing Right Corridors for Future
Unifylabs has planned to consolidate its strength in eKYC identity and vault services to be largest private service provider, and enable BFSI in rural, sub urban and urban segments with innovative business partners delivering B2B and B2B2C. Further it wishes to expand the geographical footprint through highly scalable cloud platforms, and provide a Real-time fraud risk, customer classification services, using big data as a platform.