Karsun Solutions - Transforming Business Processes with Elaborate Analytics Strategies

CIO Vendor With the 2016 version of Gartner’s global CIO Agenda Survey naming BI and analytics as the number one technology priority for the year ahead, BI technology is being driven by some exciting changes in the way data is produced and used for competitive gains. To thrive in this data rich era, organisations require an underlying infrastructure to support large volumes of steady state and data on the move. This infrastructure also needs to be affordable as the price of deploying BI is a primary concern. In addition to the cost of acquiring the right software, looking for qualified individuals such as data science experts and consulting analysts are the daunting concerns for enterprises in the present scenario. Coming to the aid of these organisations, Bangalore based Karsun India Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Herndon, VA, based Karsun solutions LLC, brings advanced Business Analytics and IT modernization solutions, with exclusive focus on business process optimization for Commercial Service Providers in India and through Karsun LLC for US Federal Agencies.

First established in 2009 and having later expanded into India in 2015, the company adopts a strategy that combines three important facets of Business Process Management - Infrastructure, data management, and inference. As more and more organizations face cost and availability constraints with their infrastructure, Karsun brings forth infrastructure optimization where technologies improve computing power while reducing costs. When it comes to data management, the company assesses and resolves faulty data management strategies by improving the ability to aggregate resources, analyse more data faster and ensure better data quality. Finally, Karsun provides the required skill sets and technologies to assist organizations that have limited analytic tools, to draw inferences and applications of these insights.

Offering a complete ecosystem of services
The company utilises this elaborate strategy to deliver Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Warehousing Services, enabling organisations to gain faster business insights and translate it into lucrative action.
The Big Data and Analytics solutions offered by Karsun bring data to life through visualization and dashboards which support defined Key Performance indicators that bring value faster. The company also leverages skills and qualifications in the use of predictive analytics that can be applied to an organization’s strategy, marketing and operational functions. “The ability to provide customers with historical and forward looking information combined with an inherent understanding of data, empowers Karsun to compete in today’s mass customization business environment,” claims Anand Mecheri, Managing Director & Country Manager, Karsun India.

Karsun brings forth infrastructure optimization where technologies improve computing power while reducing costs

Further, in an attempt to ameliorate data management, the company proffers a Data Warehousing Service that ensures the availability of information in an organized and straightforward manner. The solutions suite of Karsun is also inclusive of a Cloud Platform that allows development and hosting of cloud based applications in a secure, scalable and cost effective environment.

The Road Ahead
In the immediate future, Karsun India Solutions endeavours to grow in the Business Analytics domain and utilise emerging technologies to further enable modernization of businesses within the country even as they continue to focus on the underlying infrastructure to enable seamless availability of data. The company is also focused on developing modern software and cloud based solutions that will enable enterprises to be more agile and responsive to future business needs. “Take a test drive on www.golean.io” says Anand Mecheri.