MicroStrategy - Transformational Applications to Maximize Corporate Information

CIO Vendor From exploiting data lakes for critical information to convergence of IoT, Cloud & Big Data, organizations are keen to comprehend how their ability to exploit data and transform it into actionable insight will drive business growth in an ever-growing competitive market. Headquartered in Virginia, with an Indian office in Mumbai, MicroStrategy is able to meet these challenges and corresponding requirements by furnishing a platform architecture that is uniquely suited to deliver high performance applications and meet the business intelligence demands of every user and every organization. These applications deliver an assortment of analytics that has helped to drive adoption within organizations, and at the same time, enables businesses to become more data-driven in every process.

Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a leading global provider of enterprise software platforms. MicroStrategy gives organizations the full breadth of capabilities they need to transform their data into real-world intelligence, including Data Discovery, Advanced Analytics, Data Connectivity, Big Data, Enterprise Reporting, Embedded BI and Real-Time Telemetry. MicroStrategy, while catering to traditional BI requirements through the delivery of grid reports, invoices, and statements, also meets the demands of modern organizations by offering big data capabilities, predictive analytics, mobile app development, and governed data discovery. “For over 25 years, MicroStrategy has been leading the business intelligence industry with its best-in-class enterprise analytics offerings, helping organizations make smarter, more data-driven decisions,” explains Sridip Ganguli, Country Manager, India & Middle East, MicroStrategy.

Fully Featured, Integrated Platform
Today’s modern BI standalone tools lack the underlying infrastructure for data governance, security, and scalability, ultimately creating a dead end that prevents companies from further extracting accurate information in real-time.
MicroStrategy combines the powerful capabilities of a true enterprise platform with the speed and agility of self-service data discovery. With MicroStrategy, organizations can support and grow large-scale reporting and analytics implementations while also giving individual business users easy to use tools for data exploration. Since the platform is built to be data agnostic, companies are able to connect and analyze nearly any type of data, including structured, unstructured, or semi-structured sources. Extending its offerings, MicroStrategy delivers complementary capabilities like data wrangling to allow business users to format and transform big data along with in-memory architecture, and get sub-second responses to their queries. These powerful capabilities also include a metadata repository that facilitates a single version of the truth, allowing organizations to trust their big data through a robust data model. Furthermore, being an innovator in the BI space, the organization has been delivering analytics via native mobile apps and the right set of tools to customize dashboard applications. Enterprises that have relied on MicroStrategy’s mobile analytics in the past have been able to take proactive actions on data-driven insights, thus capitalizing on significant competitive advantages. The company has offered a reusable, object-oriented, and multi-tenant architecture with sophisticated design tools to meet all mobile development and scalability needs.

MicroStrategy delivers complementary capabilities like data wrangling to allow business users to format and transform big data along with in-memory architecture, and get sub-second responses to their queries

The MicroStrategy team continues to work towards bridging the gap between IT-driven enterprise BI and business-driven, departmental self-service analytics. Simultaneously, the organization, through its solutions, has empowered businesses with actionable intelligence and assisted business and IT users to unleash the full potential of their investments.