Palaash - Extracting Powerful Insights through Enhanced Data Visualization

Reporting across multiple systems has been rated as one of the top most reasons of low performance of organizations implementing Business Intelligence solutions. This leads to disinclination to adopt and implement BI claiming that the data is inapplicable or not available in the relevant warehouse. Implementation of BI is often a tedious and prolonged process but ultimately a company’s priorities change over time rendering the BI work executed previously as redundant. In order to avoid facing similar circumstances, a prominent IT organization with over ten thousand employees, outsourced their requirement for an intelligent HR system. Palaash, sister concern of Context BI, installed and deployed an intelligent HR system for the company in a month with their HR analytics solution. “Our client, operating in 40 countries worldwide, realized that it would have taken more than three months if the same task was allotted to their in-house IT team,” exclaims Mr. Vidyut Verma, CEO, Palaash.

Being skilled solution providers in data visualization and analytics, Palaash assists enterprises in converting ordinary data into intelligent reports whilst providing flexibility to the IT team. The users and the IT team are provided with a dashboard so the IT department is in tandem with what data is being viewed and used; thus maintaining centralized control and robust governance. The company believes the right time to engage with their services is when a business is not sure of their data. Palaash analyses and understands what percentage of data is erroneous and decides on a data cleansing approach that typically saves 20 percent time on the project. “Our agile BI tools and our dynamic team helps clients implement prototypes where they understand the services needed to build a data warehouse in a shorter timeframe,” adds Vidyut.
Optimizing Self-Service Data Visualization
In order to improve business processes and create efficiencies that reduce expenditures and maximize profits, Palaash partnered with Qlik, Logi Analytics and OpenSpan. Leveraging these partnerships to its full potential, the company has deployed two products; Qlik Sense and QlikView Business Discovery Platforms. Qlik Sense is a revolutionary self-service data visualization and discovery application that makes visual dashboard creation simple and intuitive. It allows one to rapidly create compelling visualizations, explore data deeply, reveal connections instantly, and recognize opportunities from every angle.

Palaash analyses and understands what percentage of data is erroneous and decides on a data cleansing approach

Additionally, the Qlik Business Discovery Platform factor a diversified set of features making it stand apart from similar offerings in the market. It calculates aggregations on the go and compresses data down to 10 percent of its original data. Consequently, organizations can move rapidly from prototyping to deployment to refinement with an expeditious user experience.

Owing their ability to scale and adapt with Palaash’s deep machine learning lab in New Jersey, the company has attained the technical depth to face oncoming challenges and deliver innovative and affordable BI and analytics solutions for better informed decision making in the future.