ChiSquare Consultants - Meeting Businesses’ Expectations through Nextgen Data Analytics

CIO Vendor In today’s increasingly competitive environment, no business can afford to rest on their laurels. Instead, they have to strive to gather humongous data, turn it into effective information and derive actionable insights to ameliorate business performance. Here, true potential of business intelligence plays a major role. However, leveraging effective business intelligence and bringing actionable insights for improved performance and positive business impact as per boardroom expectations, is a daunting task. This is where Hyderabad headquartered ChiSquare Consultants Private Limited, a next generation Data and Analytics company, comes to the fore with its solution named FaclonDive. “Our inhouse development team helps us ensure that our clients' (Business Owners) business expectations are systematically captured and synchronized in our reports and insights. Offering continuous data-driven and business specific insights, we help them gain remarkable business outcomes and high impact. Our actionable insight is not just a report to look on, but a storyline connected to our clients' business,” says Mayank Pachauri, CEO of ChiSquare Consultants. The company is specialized in offering a portfolio of services like Data Analytics, Customer Analytics, Web Analytics and Financial Modeling.

By meeting boardroom expectations of some of the multi-million revenue companies, ChiSquare's team has gained extensive experience in business intelligence space, which helps it understand clients' current business status, ensure hands-on support to their business expectations, and bring actionable insights to improve performance. “In handling businesses' expectations, we follow top-down approach. At first, we endeavor to address High level/ Board Level requirements and then keep drilling down from departments to their entry level operations, if needed,” adds Mayank Pachauri.
In rendering business specific data-driven insights, ChiSquare's FaclonDive, an off-the-shelf and plug-and-play solution, plays an imperative role. “Our one-of-a-kind solution, FaclonDive, is neutral/agnostic to verticals or domains where a business operates, which brings flexibility and precision on data-driven insights. It requires only minimal time to integrate a business' database and can start publishing high level actionable insights related to performance on the fly,” opines Mayank Pachauri.

Our one-of-a-kind solution, FaclonDive, is neutral/ agnostic to verticals or domains where a business operates, which brings flexibility and precision on data-driven insights

Besides, ChiSquare follows a “Z” approach to illustrate business Insights for different users. Its Data Scientists utilize infographics to represent clients' whole business performance and cater to high level actionable insights to ameliorate it. According to clients' needs, they split the whole report and categorically align them through “Z” approach to place apt information in the right quadrant to act upon. “As we use interactive Data Visualization Tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau etc. to tell business story and deliver insights, organizations' different level users can utilize reports to optimize, plan and execute their business operations more conveniently,” adds Mayank Pachauri. Furthermore, for tracking and identifying its clients' respective industry trends and patterns, ChiSquare has a separate research and content team. Bringing market/industry level insights on a regular basis, its team helps clients always keep updated on industry level developments.
As FalconDive grabs attention, ChiSquare envisages to launch it in India in the form of PaaS (Product-as-a-Service) based on prospective clients' feedback, with three variants - FalconDive Light, Premium and Custom.