DEFTeam Solutions: Enabling Organizations to Leverage BI and Analytics for a Competitive Edge

CIO Vendor BI solutions pose a number of challenges for organizations before it can be utilized to gain a competitive edge in the market. Creating the right data from myriads of distributed, scattered, un-structured and incomplete data and making them available at the right time is the key to developing effective and efficient BI solutions. Additionally, with most organizations today having a number of data sources, data integration has emerged as a major requirement.

With expertise over data modeling, data warehousing, ETL, reporting, dashboards, embedding BI solutions in customer applications, single sign-on integration, BI security, analytics, self-service BI, data mashup and more, DEFTeam Solutions empowers businesses to hurdle through various challenges and jump-start their BI projects. With specialization in end-to-end open source as well as proprietary BI software solutions, DEFTeam brings in an extensive experience in delivering requirement specific BI solutions. DEFTeam offers “best-of-breed” tools to cater to the business requirements for BI and Analytics. The Hyderabad headquartered firm’s open source expertise revolves around Jaspersoft, supported with a library of plug-ins that enhance the platform’s feature-functionality. DEFTeam also has its own home-grown Dashboard Component ‘DDC’ that is offered for production-ready dashboards on an unlimited user basis.

Cloud is another area where DEFTeam has deployed a number of BI solutions. Gurpreet Singh, CEO- DEFTeam Solutions, shares a recent project where the firm successfully carried out a complete lift and shift from on-premise to cloud, migrating the BI solution on AWS with load balancing and failover capabilities along with dockerizing the reporting server. Cloud to cloud and liftshift- modify operations on BI solutions with customizations and up gradations to newer versions are also a part of DEFTeam’s cloud BI capabilities. Partnering with AWS and Azure, the firm supports businesses with hosting web-based applications including BI and Analytics, setting up a cloud infrastructure, managing them, while also optimizing BI solutions.
DEFTeam is also amongst few partners in India to assist Microsoft India’s sales team with data analytics for POC, solutions development on cloud and on-premise and to have a number of solutions on Microsoft’s Power BI showcase.

With specialization in end-to-end open source as well as proprietary BI software solutions, DEFTeam brings in an extensive experience in delivering requirement specific BI solutions

DEFTeam also excels in the area of Self Service BI, where they have delivered many projects with TIBCO Jaspersoft's Ad-hoc reporting. They also work closely with TIBCO Spotfire, Microsoft PowerBI, and SAS Visual Analytics and are adding more tools to their offerings based on their tool-agnostic approach. Responding to the issues organization often encounter with self-service BI, DEFTeam has strategically designed a systematic approach which commences with a clear definition of the bottlenecks. Relevant data sources are defined, collected and checked for their feasibility. The data is there after cleansed for being consumed by the end user applications followed by the development of data related stories etc. Need-based end users are also trained in data cleansing, choosing the right charts and using the advanced analytics. Strengthened with certified data analysts, the firm boasts of capabilities to deploy various flavors of R,Python and Machine Learning based analytical solutions in-Hadoop,in-database and on-Cloud.

Gearing up for this year, DEFTeam is launching its first PAAS platform in early Spring 2018-UPRAiZAL: a Task-based continuous appraisal solution available as an Add-in in MS Outlook and also available on Apple App store. Another offering from DEFTeam is planned for 2018 Summer release-my LOGISTICZ a Supply Chain Management Analytics and IoT solution and Data2Mobility focusing on analytics, Mobility and write back using native Apps on Android and iOS all powered by Cloud.