Orchid Technical Consultancy: Offering a Robust BI Tool for SMBs - EasyReports

CIO Vendor The trend of converting the influx of data into valuable insights is triggering organizations to implement Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to accelerate these datadriven decisions. The business landscape is continually being reshaped with updated statutory compliances, increasing competitors, trending technology, pricing changes and margin pressures, and digital disruption. SMBs are impacted by this the most due to their limited spending resources. With lack of skills and knowledge, SMBs need to find the right vendor who can understand the customer’s requirements and assist businesses to make informed decisions. Primarily catering to the SMB sector is Orchid Technical Consultancy with their novel and comprehensive EasyReports BI tool. User-driven and customizable, this tool boasts of two main features: it encompasses sets of pre-built reports covering almost all areas of a business, enabling key management to review the data and draw up a broad range of analysis upon request. Essentially, without the involvement of a vendor, implementation partner or IT department, the user can analyze the data, develop new reports and apply various analytical functions and charting to the data to draw meaningful information.

Trying to understand and learn the workings of a BI tool can be quite the uphill battle. Understanding this, the company developed EasyReports that proposes a minimal learning curve and is designed for business users who do not have much technical knowledge. EasyReports, a leading BI tool for Tally. ERP9, has a host of benefits incorporated into it; intuitive user interface with drag and drop technology, ability to export to Excel, PDF, Word and other common formats for easy distribution of reports and
dashboards over networks and email, schedule alerts and reports that permit users to be updated without any manual effort, unlimited user support and short implementation cycle leading to higher ROI, being some of them. Moreover, the feature-rich BI tool comprises of in-memory analysis technology that removes the need for data warehouses and/or data marts along with rapid report designing and deployment features, making it ideal for use by SMBs.

EasyReports proposes a minimal learning curve and is designed for business users who do not have much technical knowledge

The company chose to work with in-memory analysis technology owing it to the continually transforming SMBs and their changing reporting requirements. Since EasyReports relies on in memory analysis, any new report can be implemented independent of the previous implementations. The report designer tool offers all the features for report development and customization.

Having successfully worked with clients in almost all major cities of India and extending their reach to Africa, Europe, USA and Middle East, EasyReports is currently focused on data from business applications such as ERPs, CRMs, Sales Force Automation Systems and so on. Orchid Technical Consultancy teaming up with one of their partners are working with certain open source No-SQL distributed database formats and also exploring the option of AI to help with unstructured data while keeping with an automation and SME focused approach. The company envisages accomplishing their mission of helping customers to become agile and competitive through innovative use of technology.