Liases Foras: Redefining Real Estate Data Analytics

CIO Vendor Absence of granular and comprehensive data on real estate pricing, production and sales have for long plagued the real estate market. With a long-standing gap for credible data and analytics that addresses investment and lending risks, banks and developers have been hindered from making informed investment decisions and policymakers from efficiently regulating the markets. Post liberalization, the growth of inventory and speculative capital has only amplified the investment risks.

“We are the only non-brokerage/ non-transaction real estate research company in the country. We do not have any vested interest or biases that cloud our opinions. Our approach is scientific and every opinion is backed by logic, data, and analytics,” states Pankaj Kapoor, Founder and Managing Director of Liases Foras. A provider of products and advisory services on property valuation and risks, Liases Foras brings forth a rich legacy, analyzing real estate cycles since its inception, through innumerable policy changes, from liberalization to RERA. Aiding government agencies, such as National Housing Bank and Ministry of Housing, leading banks, HFCs and developer with the formulation of strategies, the firm boasts of what is probably the largest database on real estate, spanning through 60 cities in India.

The end-to-end solutions provider assists clients through every phase of the project, right from the development, to the product mix, pricing, phase plan and business and marketing strategies. With a proven track record of delivering accurate and up-to-date quarterly data, the information delivered by Liases Foras is high on reliability and quality quotient. Collected and maintained by a team of trained field researchers, the data goes through a rigorous process of checks and balances and is later validated through other sources.
This data is chiefly leveraged for four segments viz, business intelligence analytics, risk analytics, management analytics and project financing reports, all of which are geared towards enabling lending institutions to identify top performing projects and developers in affordable segment. Specifically, management analytics help clients identify and optimize potential office/branch locations based on upcoming projects in the micro-market while also continuously mapping performances of the approved projects. Risk analytics is another competent tool that consists of developer and projects rating modules and location risk rating modules.

We are the only non-brokerage/non transaction real estate research company in the country. Our approach is scientific and every opinion is backed by logic, data, and analytics

Liases Foras has further evolved a number of scientific theories and highly customizable models to stimulate land prices in urban areas and their future projections. The firm determines the property values by taking into account various parameters such as distance from CBDs, economic density, and local features. The firm’s plethora of products target specialized needs of clients and help them reduce manpower and time required to produce accurate analytics. Desktop Valuation, Ressex, Comparables, Developers Rating, Construction and Approval Monitoring are few amongst them. Unbiased opinion, transparent processes, and accuracy are some of the factors that strongly distinguish Liases Foras in the market.

Currently, the firm is gearing up for the release of a Desktop Feasibility Solution which is targeted at developers and lenders. In the long run, the market can expect Liases Foras to expand their portfolio of products for consumers and homebuyers as well.