Netlink - Increasing the Value of Data with an Inclusive BI Platform

CIO Vendor Business Intelligence today has become a necessity for organizations of all sizes including SMEs and entrepreneurs that need to regularly make data-driven decisions. BI initiatives not only serve as a means of streamlining operations and improving an organization’s efficiency but also equip them with valuable insights like customer behavior, churn and sentiments.

While BI provides opportunities to convert tremendous amounts of data into insightful and actionable information, BI operations are expensive, time consuming and require extensive training along with heavy infrastructure investments. Furthermore, organizations also struggle with integrating data from relevant sources, achieving optimal data quality and creating an organizational culture where the right technologies are deployed for BI strategies. Acknowledging these important concerns, Michigan headquartered Netlink helps organizations adopt a new approach to how data is viewed and actionable insights are derived, with its Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform.

Incepted in 1998, Netlink began its journey as a provider of professional information technology and business process solutions aimed at bringing IT cost savings and service improvement to its customers. The company has since been catering to both technology and outsourcing services that include complete portfolio management of mid-size companies, through leveraging the latest technology innovations to help companies transform their businesses using the right technology and solutions. The need to create a BI & Analytics platform came out of Netlink’s experience in serving small, medium and large enterprises across the globe and across multiple business functions. The Netlink Analytics Platform has comprehensively addressed the complexities and constraints associated with BI and Analytics to facilitate its users with key insights needed for effective business management, in real-time. “Our BI Analytics Platform came into existence to help businesses measure the performance of their KPI's in any part of the business and its functional and sub-functional areas including the organization’s fundamental performance in terms of revenue, margins, customer satisfaction and retention,” affirms Anurag Shrivastava, CEO, Netlink.
With an objective to address all the needs of a business under one roof, Netlink leverages a result-oriented approach and modern technologies to render an advanced BI platform to its clients. Netlink’s flagship product- The Care Cloud is a Cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics platform blended with integration and customization capabilities to deliver all the key requirements for more informed decision making.

With its ability to deliver Ask Me (a Natural Language based Enterprise Search Engine), Pre-configured KPIs, Actionable Insights, Collaborative Analytics and Measurable Results, Automated triggers and notifications, Care Cloud equips businesses with powerful, yet easy-to-use features to derive deeper data insights from multiple sources and in multiple formats.

Furthermore, the platform incorporates multichannel integration for IoT, Voice and Transactional systems and leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced data science capabilities, to deliver descriptive, predictive and prescriptive business insights. Unlike typical engagements that invest time in understanding a company’s data and important metrics, the Care Cloud Platform is configured to specific business requisites and is designed to be deployed with no capital expenditure investments and minimal strain on IT staff.

Netlink helps organizations adopt a new approach to how data is viewed and actionable insights are derived, with its Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform

Having operated in this segment for the last 19 years, Netlink has catered to a global clientele primarily positioned in the US as well as Europe and India, with extensive focus on mid-market companies in the Telecommunication, Media & Entertainment, BPO, Automotive and Manufacturing industries, to name a few.

The company’s Care Cloud platform has already been catering to the important needs of these sectors. Owing to these various undertakings, the company has gained considerable technical experience and hopes to leverage this expertise to triple its customer base by 2020.