Starcom Information Technology - Unleashing the Potential of Business Intelligence

CIO Vendor Gazing at competitive advantage and lucrative outcomes, enterprises invest in Business Intelligence tools at a blistering pace. However, while adopting BI solutions, 70 to 80 percent projects collapse owing to gaps in data preparation and lack of data quality. To overcome this hurdle and accelerate BI adoption, Bangalore headquartered Starcom Information Technology Limited steps forward with its automated Enterprise Data Management platform which comprises of solutions named StarDQ (Data Quality/Data Preparation) and StarBI (Business Intelligence/Analytics). “We are a leading provider of expert Data Quality, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics products and services to businesses across the globe. Unlike traditional BI solutions in which data accessibility is either confined to data scientists and IT specialists or limited to non-IT professionals, our StarBI and StarDQ solutions allow more self-service for non-IT users,” unveils Mehraj Lanker, Chief Marketing Officer of Starcom Information Technology Limited.

For fuelling its clients' BI adoption, Starcom follows a methodology which enables it to understand client's current business landscape, prepare data using StarDQ solution, recognize reporting needs, define KPIs, design data mart and deliver visualization using StarBI tool. Most importantly, the customization capabilities of its solutions have bolstered Starcom to strengthen its grip in the BI landscape. Starcom BI experts ensure that the solution is exactly tailored as per specific skills, interests and information requirements of business users.

Primarily, gaps in data preparation as well as lack of data quality can lead to the failure of BI implementations. “Without addressing the challenges associated with the preparation of quality data, broader value from BI and analytics cannot be achieved.
Analytical speed and agility will be ineffective if you are stuck on manual and inefficient data preparation steps and processes,” adds Mehraj Lanker. This is where Starcom's StarDQ plays a crucial role. It delivers a set of automated controls not only to identify data quality issues associated with both historical data and incoming data, but also to block low-quality data entering from the data warehouse. While offering a highly secured environment, StarDQ brings out accurate reports, improved decision-making and regulatory compliance as part of Starcom’s MDM (Master Data Management) Solution.

Starcom Information Technology Limited steps forward with its automated Enterprise Data Management platform which comprises of solutions named StarDQ and StarBI

Starcom's tool named StarBI is a self-service BI Software. “Our StarBI can empower business users by turning their data into actionable insights. Concurrently, it reinforces organizations to improve their decision-making. StarBI allows our clients to discover trends, track KPIs, visualize data and run predictive analytics along with our drag and drop GUI,” opines Mehraj Lanker. Besides, StarBI can evade issues related to BI report delivery by bringing seamless integration to the existing reporting workflow. Today, owing to significant advantages such as fast deployment, no capital expenditure, and low Risk/ TCO etc., optimization of cloud technology is increasing in BI and Analytics spaces. “Our StarBI on-cloud is preloaded with various industry specific reports, dashboards and predictive models. This helps customers derive business insights from their raw data more efficiently,” affirms Mehraj Lanker.

Going forward, as organizations look for more self-service and interactive tools along with BI and analytics, Starcom plans to launch a self-service Data Quality product to empower business users.