MKT Software: BI Solution Meeting Organizations' Requirement

Amit Tiwari, CEO

In the age of big data, for effective decision making, organizations need to consolidate the scattered and siloed data and translate it into actionable information. There is a need for accurate and structured report at the click of the button, providing enhanced data visualization and deep analysis for decision making. However, businesses are yet to derive maximum benefit as they fail to acknowledge the existing gaps and data silos in an organization and implement the right BI solution for it. As a result of which their decision making capabilities are impacted. Perfectly understanding the existing problems, MKT Softwares is addressing the issue with its BI software solution, developed by the in-house team which is adept in identifying and bridging all the gaps. The company has domain experts with significant industry experience who understand key factors needed to provide effective solution for organizations.

Talking of the company’s positioning and domain expertise, Amit Tiwari, CEO, MKT Softwares says, “In the last 12 years we have had diverse experience in multiple sectors like leather industry,auto industry, FMCG and other segments, be it production, e-commerce or retail. We understand and define the target audience,then design a solution to suit their requirements, budget and location.” BI solution of the company offers great scalability and has customizable features. It also provides end-users with the scope to make amendments in the solution to fit their exact requirements. The company focuses on the integration capabilities of its products, ensuring compliance with all data requirements and thus, eliminates the problem of insufficient data quality. Commenting on the issue of integration needs for a BI solution, Amit states that “BI is nothing unless it is integrated with different stages of the entire workflow.
MKT software has an adept team that knows which data is required and from where it needs to be pulled for effective decision making.”

"The Company Has Created A Single Dashboard Where The Data Is Available From Various Departments At The Click Of A Button. The Dashboard Is Designed To Support Management With Convenient And Informative Data Access"

Developing Convenient and Informative Dashboard
To stay ahead of the curve, the company invests on its research and development for creating informative BI dashboard. The company has created a single dashboard where the data is available from various departments at the click of a button. The dashboard is designed to support management with convenient and informative data access. With the help of this BI tool, the managerial level personnel can have a complete visibility of the work process of whole department. They can manage inventory, keep track of orders, and take prompt action on maintenance requirement; the tool empowers them to do preventive analysis as well.

The company has developed solution for education industry, EI (Education Intelligence) tool, which gives complete understanding of the entire student and faculty lifestyle. Along with catering to the needs of education industry, MKT Softwares has also devised BI solution for HR and Brand Management called BrandI. To stay ahead of the curve it is further strengthening its solution with AI and IoT.