Testware Informatics: Rendering Business-specific Intelligence by Exploiting Enterprise Data

CIO Vendor In this digital world, almost every enterprise irrespective of the business vertical has two crucial things in common - ever increasing data and complexities around managing it. Driven by the need to utilize the complex enterprise data to make informed business decisions, a plethora of business intelligence tools are being deployed by enterprises. However, not every business that deploys these BI solutions is able to harness the data and derive insights to facilitate decision making owing to lack of customized solutions that meet their unique needs. This is where Testware Informatics, a Chennai headquartered company positioned itself in the industry by delivering business-specific BI solutions, helps enterprises leverage their data and improve business productivity.

Linking Past and Future Scenarios for Better Decision Making
Testware Informatics provides advanced business intelligence and data analytics solutions to businesses across different industries including healthcare, education, manufacturing, e-commerce, finance, insurance, public sector, communications etc., enabling them to design better business strategies based on past scenarios. “We believe that every business entity has its own set of business processes, opportunities and challenges that are so unique. These challenges demand unique approach in addressing them. We engage in deliberate discussions with our clients to understand their pain points, and accordingly deliver solutions that are tailor-made for them,” says Manoj Deebak, Founder, Testware Informatics. “Unlike other technology players who create a single generic business intelligence platform and push it into the market without acknowledging the specific needs of businesses, we provide solutions that can address the individual business needs. We also help them increase
their awareness on how they can use these solutions to improve their business growth by predicting the future scenarios,” highlights Manoj.

Actionable Data Insights with Best of Breed Technologies
Among many available data analytics tools, Hadoop is considered to be the best platform for storing, processing and analysing large volumes of data. The company by using Hadoop integrated with other tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau handles both structured and unstructured data and delivers actionable data insights. The company has delivered business intelligence solutions to one of its clients in the healthcare industry, helping them predict the performance of drugs. The company has also helped a client from the education industry manage and use their data by delivering detailed analytical reports as per their requirements. The company also has a fair experience of performing sentimental analysis for the election campaigns and handling top celebrity social media handles, helping them better reach out to their audience on the social media platforms.

We engage in deliberate discussions with our clients to understand their pain points, and accordingly deliver solutions that are tailor-made for them

Apart from business intelligence solutions, the company also provides services for progressive web application development, which is seen as an alternative for mobile-based applications. “Currently, we are working on a project in the retail segment for data analytics using big data and integrated scanning technology to provide retailers with mobile based real-time check out solutions,” concludes Manoj attributing the company’s success to their team of experts that has been the backbone for the company.