EzDataMunch: Offers User-Friendly and Cost-Effective Enterprise Dashboard Application for Various Industries

CIO Vendor Over the past decade, business intelligence has revolutionized a lot. Companies are no longer wondering if data visualizations improve analyses but the best way to tell each data-story, especially with modern BI dashboard software. Also, 2021 will be the year of data security and data discovery; clean and secure data combined with a simple and powerful presentation. EzDataMunch is at the forefront of a technology revolution surrounding the latest data analysis and data science innovations. The company designs solutions by keeping in mind the simplicity of data analysis by combining common sense, data science, and the finest BI technologies.

“An expert team of data scientists, engineers, data analysts, BI developers and business functional consultants who have designed more than 500 dashboards and analytics applications, deployed large scale data science projects in a record time and have demonstrated savings in excess of $200Mn for its clients in the past six years.

EzDataMunch has worked with 100+ customers helping them improve their bottom lines, helping them to grow business, improve operations, better customer service and above all stay focused on innovations”, explained Anupama Desai, President & CEO, EzDataMunch.

Unique Business Intelligence Services and Solutions
EzDataMunch provides industry-specific solutions through the portfolio of its pre-built BI applications. EzDataMunch's flagship natural language-driven data search engine, EzInsights, integrates data from multiple sources, builds the dynamic data model layer, pre-calculates dimensions and measures including calendar comparisons, provides narratives on data, and a simplicity to search and share the analysis.

"EzDataMunch's team of data scientists have delivered some of the best advanced analytics models for personal recommendations, customer lifetime value, claims denial predictions, sales, and revenue forecasts, movie recommendations, spend optimization, schedule and labor cost optimization, route optimization, inventory demand forecast, unstructured text matching algorithms and various other solutions around customer social behavior analysis", said Jagannadha Rao, COO, EzDataMunch. The company's solutions are available for retail, supply chain, insurance, healthcare, logistics, entertainment, and government.

Furthermore, the EzDataMunch team analyses customer data with a 360-degree view and outliers to build up data stories. Most of the time, challenges are around customers having a distinct impression based on what they think is correct, but data tells another story. EzDataMunch team helps clients understand data challenges present in any organization and provides solutions for a faster and better experience. "This is because the team has
proficiency across multiple BI tools and platforms like Qlik, Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx, SQL, Python, R, Cloudera, AWS Sagemaker, Azure ML, Azure ADF, AWS Redshift, Teradata, Netezza, Snowflake, and others.

They can work using any of the above tools or build a custom solution for the customers", stated Milan Desai, CTO, EzDataMunch. Likewise, using multiple BI tools and platforms, EzDataMunch helped the largest entertainment company in the US. The company requirement was to create a personal recommendation engine for a 25Mn+ loyalty customer base in four months. EzDataMunch team collaborated with the client project team to lay down the design of the solution. And, the solution was the first successful large data science project completed by the customer. The revenue lift was 3X over 12 weeks since the initial deployment.

Hence, with such successful deployments, the company's future plan is to enhance the EzInsights platform with more customer-centric features, ease of use, data security, and scale, which can help customers run multiple dashboards data sets across functional areas. Also, EzDataMunch focuses on adding few standard data science models that will allow users to understand and predict the outcome for a specific use case without learning the complexity behind such solutions. “We want to be the Apple of BI and Analytics space - simplest and the most secure UI for the users coupled with the most scalable and innovative back end engine made for Cloud”, concluded Anupama.