Thinklayer Minds: Empowering SMBs for the Future with Innovative BISolutions

CIO Vendor BI is proving to be quite the game-changer and is gradually becoming an integral part of the business infrastructure and CIOs' responsibilities. As India anticipates the arrival of 5G, regulatory policies to develop digital architecture need to be adhered to where BI will play a pivotal role in helping businesses comply with regulations. Moreover, 5G mobile technology will become a successful candidate for supporting IIoT communication requirements and other scenarios. BI is gaining traction in this segment as well. All in all, once 5G is released, BI is poised to further expand its usage in industry. SMBs are looking at BI, not as a technology but as a mainstream solution that is economical and ensures a seamless transition.

Perfectly poised in this domain with an end-to-end BI solution - Thinklytics, and unique BI services are Thinklayer Minds, incepted in 2009. This angel-funded organization provides a holistic view of the business to its customers. "Our major investor is in the US and that puts us in a very good position to serve the SMBs in India as well as globally. We are positioned well because we have experience in implementing similar solutions in the US markets.

What India is expecting now, we have been implementing for the last ten years for the US market. So we have the expertise, all we have to do is replicate what is suitable for the Indian market," explains Chandra SekharBachu, Founder and CEO, Thinklayer Minds.
Providing Higher ROI
He goes on to tell us how their flagship visualization platform, Thinklytics, empowers customers to build visualizations from data and predictions using ML. The novel platform is equipped with a one-click real-time dashboard that is easy to configure and highly engaging. The platform is browser-based thus eliminating the need for the client to access the product only through a specified system. With a simple login account, the end-user can access the product anytime, anywhere.

Perfectly aware of this market being price-sensitive, Thinklytics was designed and developed to be affordable for SMBs

Perfectly aware of this market being price-sensitive, Thinklytics was designed and developed to be affordable for SMBs. "Cost-wise, we are suitable for SMBs. We understand that the market is very price-sensitive and so we kept in mind SMBs when designing this product. We have used all the open-source libraries so that the license cost is low, making it suitable for SMBs," reveals Chandra. The highly secure platform has two kinds of implementation, generic analytics implementation, and the second implementation is tailored for IIoT which can be quite useful during the pandemic.

In conjunction with this, the company also provides end-to-end BI services like ETL's Development, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing and Data Visualization.

With the BI market scheduled for massive growth in the near future, Thinklayer Minds envisions continually working on its product capabilities and expanding its market reach by extending its BI services and innovative BI platform.